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Enhanced Drivers Vision System

Enhanced Driver's Vision System (EDVS)Enhanced Driver's Vision System (EDVS)©️ G&H

Our Enhanced Driver's Vision System (EDVS) is a self-contained driver's vision system that is a modernization upgrade of the Passive Driver’s Periscope (PDP), which maintains an identical space envelope above armor with minimal changes below the armor.

It utilizes the same vehicle mounting interface and the same power specifications and connections. Although originally developed as an upgrade for the PDP, it can be customized for applications on new vehicles and/or platforms to suit the customer's requirements.

The EDVS has a fully customizable and integrated camera payload that enables the driver to operate hatch down in day-light or at night, with a minimum or performance difference between the two lighting scenarios.

As well as a customizable payload, the EDVS also comes with an optional bi-ocular viewer that facilitates a much more relaxed screen view and minimizes eye strain and fatigue.

Our team of experts is on-hand to answer all your EDVS questions, just use the "Contact Us" button below.

  • Enhanced Driver's Vision System (EDVS)

    Enhanced Driver's Vision System (EDVS)

    ©️ G&H

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