G&H Publishes Report on the Commercial Applications of Quantum Technologies

Ilminster, 8 May 2018

The UK Market for Quantum Enabling Photon Sources 2018-2022: coverG&H is proud to announce that in collaboration with Milner Strategic Marketing and the University of Bristol, our team of quantum experts from G&H, Torquay have published a report on the commercial applications of quantum technologies. The report entitled The UK Market for Quantum Enabling Photon Sources 2018-2022, was the main output resulting from a recent Innovate UK funded project.

In preparing the report, the project collaborators held a series of workshops with representatives of leading industrial companies, major UK universities, quantum technology hubs, funding bodies and representatives from the laser and photonic industry, as well as potential end-users of quantum technologies.

The report specifically focuses on quantum-based application where light sources were required to drive or enable the quantum process. Based on the market research, we prepared detailed market model analysis divided into three different photon-source categories: lasers, entangled photon sources and single photon emitters, and projected them onto 10 industrial sectors and 10 applications in each sector.

The research methodology also included a scenario-planning exercise that allowed us to determine key drivers that are likely to influence the market within the next five years. Using this relatively short time scale will enable the preparation of business development plans for various eventualities. It is also worth noting that market trends for photon sources and the respective quantum technologies will also govern development and demand of the accompanying photonics technologies required to deliver specific quantum devices for modelled applications.

Photon Source Market – Sector BreakdownPhoton Source Market – Application Breakdown
Biomedicine/life sciencesClock technology/timing
Finance and BankingMagnetometry and gravimetry
Gambling/gamingMedical imaging
GovernmentMicroscopy, imaging and calibration
Mining/civil engineering/hydrocarbon explorationNavigation
Scientific/research/universitiesNon-QKD communications
SpaceQKD/quantum cryptography/secure communications
TelecomsQRING –quantum random number generator
TransportationQuantum computing and simulation

If you are interested in learning what our findings were and what the nearest future might look like, feel free to download and share our report, which you can find here.

G&H’s involvement in quantum technology research extends to collaborative R&D projects such as REVEAL, CASPA and FreezeRay. For more on these projects please visit the news page here.