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G&H CEO Charlie Peppiatt featured in BioStock, commenting on Prolight Diagnostics collaboration


In April 2024, BioStock featured G&H CEO Charlie Peppiatt and Prolight Diagnostics' Head of Engineering, Paul Monaghan, discussing the progress of their collaboration on the development of Psyros, an innovative point-of-care (POC) system. Prolight Diagnostics has enlisted G&H | ITL for this project, aiming to revolutionize near-patient diagnostics by enabling quick, sensitive, and accurate testing of biomarkers, initially focusing on troponin for myocardial infarction detection.

Psyros utilizes single-molecule counting technology, a novel approach enabling high sensitivity in biomarker detection. This technology, pioneered by Psyros Diagnostics and acquired by Prolight, counts individual nanoparticles binding to a surface, providing precise measurements from a single drop of blood.

G&H | ITL is partnering with Prolight for Psyros' development, from concept to manufacturing. In this article, Paul highlights the unique capabilities of the Psyros technology and explains why G&H | ITL was selected for the job as end-to-end manufacturing partner.

Charlie provides insight into G&H | ITL's project timeline, from developing the compact optical module to prototype instrument development, along with plans for clinical validation studies in 2025.

“Psyros is ushering in a new era of precision medicine, and we take pride in helping Prolight bring this diagnostic technology to market. This partnership exemplifies our joint commitment to advancing healthcare through cutting-edge innovation.” - Charlie Peppiatt, CEO of G&H