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Stratos Kehayas, PhD, G&H President of PhotonicsStratos Kehayas, PhD, G&H President of Photonics©️ G&H

G&H CPTO Stratos Kehayas featured in Electro Optics Magazine, discusses strategic moves in life sciences sector


In an interview with Electro Optics for their December 2024/January 2024 magazine issue, Stratos Kehayas, Chief Product & Technology Officer at G&H, discussed the company's recent strategic moves in the life sciences sector of the photonics market.

G&H, a UK-based photonics solution provider, has recently undergone significant changes, particularly in its life sciences activities. Kehayas highlighted the company's decision a few years ago to grow its life science business, which now constitutes around a quarter of G&H's revenue. However, the pandemic shifted their focus to Covid testing and analytics, impacting the market for medical lasers.

Despite these challenges, G&H is now witnessing a resurgence in the life sciences market. Kehayas explained the company's strategy over the past year, which involved redefining M&A parameters to create synergies within their business divisions. Notable acquisitions include Integrated Technologies (ITL) in the UK, now rebranded as G&H | ITL, and GS Optics in the US, now known as G&H | GS Optics.

Kehayas discussed the life science trends that G&H aims to address through its acquisitions. The company is targeting higher accuracy, higher resolution diagnostics, focusing on in vitro diagnostics, point-of-care, and lab-on-chip applications. Kehayas also highlighted the combination of imaging with therapeutics, AI analysis of medical images, and the rise of augmented reality and robotics solutions in the life science sector. Overall, G&H's recent acquisitions position the company to capitalize on the next generation of biophotonics and in vitro diagnostics.

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Electro Optics Magazine - December 2023 / January 2024

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