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G&H corporate headquarters and precision optics manufacturing center in Ilminster, Somerset, UK©️ Private

G&H announces streamlined commercial interface


G&H, a world leader in advanced photonics, has unveiled a customer facing structure that is more vertically integrated, globally aligned and is uniquely positioned to serve the evolving demands of its worldwide customer base in its core markets of aerospace and defense, industrial lasers, telecoms and life sciences.

G&H’s recent acquisitions of Kent Periscopes, StingRay Optics, Gould Fiber Optics and Integrated Technologies (ITL) have enhanced its technological capabilities, improved geographical reach with sites in USA, UK and China and expanded its ability to present photonic solutions as part of a full system based offering.

The three global businesses will be the face of G&H to our customers, aligning with our core markets, namely G&H Aerospace and Defense, G&H Industrial and Telecom and G&H Life Science and Biophotonics. Each of these units will aim to leverage our global capabilities to provide high level design, engineering and manufacturing solutions for our customers, with the aim of becoming a stronger, more integrated and dependable partner.

“The sum benefit of these four acquisitions is greater than the parts, their integration under the G&H brand allows us to address needs beyond the optical component level to meet the fast-growing market demand for optical assembly and full system solutions,” said Mark Webster, CEO.