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SPIE. Photonics West BIOS©️ Private

G&H Photonics West 2022 Preview


Saturday 22 January is an important date in the calendar for photonics engineering and manufacturing – from the point of view both of photonics companies and their customers.

The date marks the start of the first Photonics West and BiOS conference and exhibition since 2020, in San Francisco – and we’ll be there.

With the show being cancelled last year, and Laser World of Photonics in Munich also not going ahead in 2021, it’ll be almost two years since a global gathering of our community has taken place, and we’re excited to be at the heart of it.

We’ve all been on a tough journey since the last show, and so we’re now very grateful to SPIE for working so hard to prepare to host us all again. Times have changed, and the pandemic continues to challenge us all – but we’re determined to adhere to guidelines for healthy and responsible conduct, and ensure we all have a safe and enjoyable event.

New year, new booth, new things to show

We will have a new booth for this year’s show, with an applications focus, and three sector-orientated counters for customers in the aerospace and defense, industrial and telecom, and life sciences sectors.

So, what’s on show there?

MWIR zoom lens assembly integrated into a gimbal©️ G&H

Aerospace and Defense

In our aerospace and defense display area we will be showing a 10x continuous ruggedized MWIR zoom lens assembly integrated into a gimbal, such as might be used for UAV or helicopter surveillance. The model will amply demonstrate the low-SWaP integrated payload that we know is so important for applications of this type.

We will also have motorized zoom hardware on display, with our MWIR NightCrawlIR and SWIR FireAnt lens assemblies. Optical Systems Product Manager JJ Conboy will be on hand to take you through each product’s unique benefits and features, and discuss how G&H can help fulfil your optical systems needs.

Sensing Subsystem diagram©️ G&H

Industrial and Telecom

We will be displaying not only a sensing subsystem but also the components and modules that go into it, demonstrating G&H ability to provide customer-focused subsystem design, engineering and manufacturing solutions for applications such as lidar and distributed fiber sensing.

The active components include recognized, market-leading innovations from G&H, including a DFB laser source, a Fiber-Q acousto-optic modulator, an amplifier, a polarization diverse receiver and fiber coupler.

Fiber Optic Product Director Toby Reid will be available to discuss your subsystem challenges and explain how G&H solves them like other providers can’t.

Swept Source OCT System©️ G&H

Life Sciences

Optical Coherence Tomography is the focus of our display at BiOS and Photonics West. The applications for OCT continue to increase with the ability to capture micrometer-resolution, two- and three-dimensional images, and we will be showing a core subsystem based on spectral domain OCT, with our ultra wideband coupler at the heart of the subsystem.

The model will also contain a collimator, a variable optical delay line, a polarization controller and spectrometer. The design illustrates our approach to working with customers to provide effective, subsystem-complete design for manufacture and assembly (DFMA) options.

Product Manager Paul Rogers will be there to answer your OCT subsystems queries and discuss the benefits of the solutions we can provide.

Our papers at Photonics West and BiOS

We’re also delighted to announce that we will present or be involved with three papers within the Free-Space Laser Communications XXXIV Conference (11993):

Aubin DonnotAubin Donnot©️ G&H

DATE, TIME, PLACE: Tuesday 25 January 13:15- 3:30 PST Room 215 (Level 2 South)

Presenter: Aubin Donnot, Optical Systems Engineer

BRIEF DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION: Aubin presents the development of a low-SWaP optical terminal for space communications. The terminal is a source of a pulsed laser data transmission (kW peak power, 4W average power) that would be used to send data over astronomic type distances.

Matt WelchMatt Welch©️ G&H

DATE, TIME, PLACE: Tuesday 25 January 13:45-14:00 PST Room 215 (Level 2 South)

Presenter: Matt Welch, Chief Engineer Fiber Optic Systems

BRIEF DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION: The next generation high bandwidth optical links from earth to space will requirement the development of new high power WDM sources. We will present the work we have done on creating and combining high power (50 W) optical amplifiers to enable high data rate links from earth to space. The work was carried out as part of the H2020 Project: VERTIGO.

We are also part of a consortium presenting on:

TOPIC: H2020-SPACE-ORIONAS: miniaturized optical amplifiers and transceivers for high-speed optical inter-satellite links

DATE, TIME, PLACE: Tuesday 25 January 2022 15:00-15:25 PST Room 215 (Level 2 South)

BRIEF DESCRIPTION AND APPLICATION: A project with a large number of partners that focus on miniaturized technologies for space comms. Matt Welch and Aubin Donnot will be at Photonics West all week should you want to meet and talk to them about any space communication-related topics and issues.

Find us at the event

Please do come visit us on our booth at BiOS (8231) and Photonics West (949). We’d love to understand your applications and talk about how we can help you with your challenges.