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G&H’s ITL increases critical instrument production during Covid-19 pandemic


As a global design and manufacturing partner of life-saving medical devices and diagnostic instruments, G&H Group company ITL is an essential link in the healthcare supply chain.

ITL is currently manufacturing and delivering instrumentation designed to improve respiratory function and oxygen uptake as part of a ventilator system for patients in critical care including those due to Covid-19, as well as hygiene monitoring devices and rapid diagnostic testing platforms.

ITL reports its manufacturing operations are nearing maximum capacity following multiple contract wins and an increased demand on existing customer orders. The influx of new business is driven by the global Covid-19 pandemic and the increasing pressure on overburdened healthcare systems worldwide.

The Company remains operational across its UK, US and Chinese manufacturing facilities to ensure the supply of patient-critical medical equipment reaches the front-line – where it is needed most. In line with advice from local governments and health authorities, ITL like all parts of the wider G&H Group, is doing everything it possibly can to ensure the health and safety of all employees. Employees who are able to work remotely are working from home, and have been provided with the necessary technology and systems required to ensure business functions can still perform critical tasks.

Manufacturing processes and operations have been adapted where necessary to ensure safe working distances between employees who are required to report to work daily. The efforts of employees have never been more essential to the healthcare system than they are now. G&H and ITL leadership is doing its upmost to support its employees, key customers and valued suppliers during these uncertain times.