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G&H to showcase advanced defence solutions at DSEI 2023


G&H, a leading provider of precision optics and photonics solutions, will showcase a number of cutting-edge defence and aerospace solutions at this year’s Defence and Security Equipment International (DSEI) 2023, taking place from 12-15 September. DSEI will also be the first occasion that G&H | Artemis will exhibit at the show following a successful strategic acquisition in July 2023.

Visitors to G&H in Hall 2, Stand #142 will be able to see first-hand how G&H’s range of advanced optical solutions play an integral role in many defence and aerospace applications, including laser-directed energy weapons (LDEW), armoured vehicle sighting systems, UAV and helicopter surveillance gimbals, target designators and rangefinders, and much more. G&H technologies are currently being delivered for a variety of UK Ministry of Defence (UK MoD) and international programmes.

G&H’s portfolio closely aligns with future technologies identified in the UK’s Defence Command Paper, released in July 2023. These technology areas include LDEW and advanced materials, which the UK MoD states, “will be critical to the delivery of military capability and national security tasks”. G&H is a leader in these areas and their proven ability in opto-mechanical design, precision optical component manufacture, coating, build and test continues to play a key role in the development of generation-after-next technologies for defence prime contractors worldwide.

G&H’s substantial work in LDEW includes opto-mechanical design; High Laser Damage Threshold optics; critical next-generation mounting and bonding techniques; full Finite Element Analysis; and more. These technologies are central elements for the successful employment of future laser systems.

As a UK-headquartered company, G&H is strengthening the UK’s sovereign industrial capability to engineer and manufacture critical systems and components for the UK armed forces and allied nations. This further aligns with the UK MoD’s ambition to maximise the use of ‘home-grown’ technologies, and investments in areas such as the Optical Systems Innovation Hub in St Asaph, Wales, ensure that G&H remains an international leader in optical solutions and technologies for many years to come.

Charlie Peppiatt, Chief Executive Officer for G&H, commented: “We’re very excited to be exhibiting at DSEI 2023 and to highlight our range of game-changing precision optics and photonics solutions for the defence and aerospace markets. G&H continues to be well placed to meet the demanding requirements of defence and our recent strategic acquisitions of GS Optics and Artemis have only served to strengthen this further. We look forward to seeing all of our valued stakeholders in London and showcasing how we make a better world with photonics.”

What you can expect from G&H at DSEI

Sabre series©️ Private

G&H | Kent - AFV Vision Systems

G&H | Kent has a rich history in the design and manufacture of high-quality sighting and observation systems in the UK. The result of G&H’s acquisition of Kent Periscopes in 2016, G&H | Kent is a world-class designer and manufacturer of unity vision periscopes, sights, driver vision aids, and related equipment and vision systems for armoured fighting vehicles (AFVs), including the British Army’s next-generation Challenger 3 and Ajax vehicles.

G&H | Kent is a trusted partner to many vehicle manufacturers and sub-systems suppliers around the world, and its solutions are highly regarded by end users for increasing situational awareness on the battlefield and protecting lives. The company’s sighting and observation systems, for instance, offer a unique and life-saving reversionary capability, allowing an AFV crew to drive and perform baseline targeting and engagement from the vehicle even if platform power is lost.

A recent success for G&H | Kent is a multi-million-pound contract to supply periscope systems to Rheinmetall Electronics UK for the British Army’s Challenger 3 programme. As part of a contract signed in 2022, G&H Kent will supply a custom variant of the company’s Embedded Image Periscope (EIP) for integration into the Challenger 3’s Trailblazer Driver Vision System. The EIP combines traditional periscope vision with digital imagery from onboard sensors and cameras.

G&H | Kent will also be providing the Gunner Auxiliary Sight for the Challenger 3 platform. An EIP variant, as well as the company’s popular Sabre family of commander/gunner sights, will be on display at DSEI 2023 and experts will be on hand to discuss their capabilities further.

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G&H | StingRay - Lens Assembly Modules

Digital optics now play a crucial role across all domains, giving armed forces personnel the ability to conduct intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) missions, as well as target designation, range finding and fire control functionality for kinetic systems. Optics are also a critical element of many security systems that are used for missions such as border security and infrastructure protection.

G&H | Stingray – based in New Hampshire, US – is a leader in precision optics and components for defence and security applications, and at DSEI it will showcase its wide range of optical coatings, assemblies, and subsystems. Company experts will be present to offer an in-depth overview of the features and benefits of G&H's motorised zoom hardware with the latest SWIR product, FireAnt, and the MWIR NightCrawlIR lens, both on display.

Additionally, G&H | Stingray will showcase its 10x continuous ruggedised MWIR zoom lens assembly integrated into a gimbal used in UAV and helicopter surveillance. This model effectively demonstrates the low-SWaP (size, weight, and power) integrated payload that is crucial for such applications.

G&H | Artemis Optical Coatings - GANYMEDE+1©️ Private

G&H | Artemis – Laser protection filters

G&H | Artemis – the result of a strategic acquisition in July 2023 – will exhibit for the first time at DSEI 2023. G&H | Artemis, based in Plymouth, UK, has a long history of supplying technologically advanced optical components and sub-assemblies, including digital, head-up display combiner assemblies to the UK MoD and other defence agencies worldwide.

At DSEI, visitors will be able to explore G&H | Artemis’ military laser protection filters, a mission-critical technology that protects soldiers on the frontline. By harnessing state-of-the-art technology, these filters provide unparalleled defence against harmful laser threats whilst maintaining exceptional visual clarity. With a strong focus on safety and performance, G&H | Artemis sets a new standard for optical protection in the field of modern defence.

As part of its acquisition, G&H | Artemis will become the company’s new Centre of Excellence for coating capabilities across the world, joining several existing Centres of Excellence in the company.

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Come visit our stand

We invite all attendees to visit us in Hall 2, Stand #142 during the exhibition to discover more about our innovative products and services. If you wish to book a meeting in advance, please contact:

Quadrant 2 Design

Our stand for DSEI was design and created by the wonderful team at Quadrant 2 Design. To find out more about Quadrant 2 Design, please visit

Sabre series©️ Private

Sabre series

A family of compact and yet extremely capable sights for small to medium turret systems or for use as a reversionary sight.

Configurable as a day/day, day/night, day/thermal, and narrow gunner's sight variants. The day/thermal variant also has an in-built laser range finder option.

Sabre commander/gunner sights have been selected for service with numerous armed forces around the world and therefore represent a popular solution. Sabre’s design is proven and qualified, a flexible asset for use in a range of turret sizes and applications.

The design team at our innovation center located in St Asaph, North Wales offers a fully customization service, as we have throughout our long-standing history.

Sabre series brochure