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G&H to speak on value delivery of vertical integration at the 2024 Med-Tech Innovation Expo


Ashford, UK – 24 May 2024

As a leading provider of end-to-end life science solutions, G&H will be present at the 2024 Med-Tech Innovation Expo held at the National Exhibition Centre (NEC) in Birmingham, United Kingdom, between June 5th and 6th. Aside from presenting a generous portfolio of medical technology capabilities, the life sciences company will also emphasize its latest insights into performant med-tech manufacturing, from ideation and prototyping to product maturation and delivery.

The holistic development of medical devices represents a critical topic for instrument manufacturing. In building innovative, reliable hardware, many decisional layers need to be considered. Typically, within a med-tech collaboration, the involved parties will analyze factors such as the feasibility of the initial design, or the validation and quality control processes of the presented prototypes. What is missing from the overall assessment is the impact of vendor choices on the entire development ecosystem, with visible effects on the final outcome. The clusters affected by vendor choice include the instrument’s functional execution, its patient care integration and overall cost effectiveness. 

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The extensive manufacturing experience pulled in by the G&H group shows that the integration of instrumentation and consumable needs represents a pivotal factor in the medical device development, with positive results across all the above-mentioned clusters. In the current market, most medical device acquisitions involve a split outlook on application interfacing. This approach translates into multiple manufacturers for the creation of a single instrument design. As such, these separated processes are prone to facilitate issues such as regulatory compliance mismatches or consumable incompatibility with the instrument design. Looking at this core problem, the strategic direction at G&H has been to gradually cover 100% of the medical device development cycle and to seamlessly cover all stages of the manufacturing process. Advantages in product quality, delivery time and efficient cost management have been recorded by past med-tech clients at G&H | ITL because of this integrated approach. In particular, the synergy of our US and UK-based manufacturing and design capabilities has led to a considerable improvement in client satisfaction regarding the product development process. 

To address this market status quo and share these valuable insights, G&H Strategic Business Development Manager Tom Ackrill will be hosting a presentation during the conference on “Driving Smart Solutions: Cost-effective Design Strategies for Manufacturing Success” on June 5th, 2024, at 11:00 a.m. BST at the “Introducing Health Tech” stage.

Tom Ackrill - Business Development ManagerTom Ackrill - Business Development Manager©️ G&H

“I am excited to attend Med-Tech Innovation Expo because we are getting the chance to explain to a savvy audience why the G&H approach to designing and manufacturing high-end medical devices works. In this industry, quality doesn’t automatically come from just using the latest material components to accommodate different design challenges. Developing a high-performing, reliable piece of equipment within such a life-saving sector happens only when certain critical project conditions are met. This is what we want to focus on throughout our presence in Birmingham at the conference. We have decades of in-house expertise to leverage in this field and the privilege of full vertical integration for our Made-in-the-UK and Made-in-the-US instruments. Looking to our future clients, we want to showcase what they can expect when working with us on their cutting-edge med-tech designs”, says Tom Ackrill, Strategic Business Development Manager at G&H.

An important emphasis will be placed on the long-term capacity and support offered by G&H in the instrument design process. For questions on the exact capabilities your company can request from G&H, please visit booth #E33 in Hall 22 and talk to one of our specialists on site.

Driving innovation in such a critical, life-saving sector as med-tech requires a refreshed view on how performance is achieved. Next to continuous R&D developments, the actual processes that shape the final piece of instrumentation need to be brought up to speed to match the growing market demands. This aspect will be amply presented throughout the various Gooch & Housego activities happening in June at the Med-Tech Innovation Expo in Birmingham, United Kingdom. We are looking forward to starting these meaningful conversations for your business there!


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