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Engineer working in a cleanroom at G&H TorquayEngineer working in a cleanroom at G&H Torquay©️ G&H

G&H Torquay recommended for approval to BS EN 9100:2018 for Design, Development and Manufacture


We are pleased to inform the markets that, following a recent audit by BSi, G&H, Torquay has been recommended for approval to BS EN 9100:2016 for Design, Development and Manufacture.

Reaching this globally recognized standard for aerospace supply is a major achievement both by staff in our Torquay facility and from the wider Group. It also means that three of our businesses are now BS EN 9100:2016 accredited with G&H, Torquay joining with our facilities in Moorpark and Ilminster

The importance to both G&H and to our customers should not be underestimated .Alex Warnock, COO, said:

“With three of our businesses, in both the US and UK, accredited with BS EN 9100:2016, we are even better positioned to support the needs of our customers and provide more robust manufacturing and product development solutions. In providing better value for our customers through certified QA we make our own business stronger and more sustainable”.

The award builds on the on several decades of experience in the manufacture of HI REL (high reliability) fiber optic components for undersea cabling applications by G&H, Torquay. It will not only strengthen existing processes and business, but will undoubtedly provide demonstrable evidence of our commitment to diversification in the aerospace, defence and space markets.