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Kayleigh Thomson selected as Co-Chair of UK Photonics Leadership Group's future leaders


Kayleigh Thomson, our optical design engineer working on new generation sighting systems, has been selected as co-chair of the Future Leaders for the UK Photonics Leadership Group, a prestigious organization dedicated to advancing the field of photonics in the UK.

Kayleigh, a rising star in the photonics community, has been recognized for her innovative research and leadership abilities. As co-chair, she will be responsible for leading and organizing events and initiatives for the Future Leaders group, as well as working with other members to advance the field of photonics through research, collaboration, and education.

Discussing the recent news with Kayleigh, she said "I am honoured to have been selected as co-chair of the Future Leaders group. I am excited to work with the talented individuals in this organization to drive innovation and growth in the field of photonics, and to help shape the future of this exciting and important industry."

The UK Photonics Leadership Group is a leading organization in the field of photonics, promoting the advancement of photonics research and technology through collaboration, education, and innovation. The Future Leaders group is a sub-group of the UK Photonics Leadership Group, focused on supporting the development of young professionals in the field.

"We are thrilled to learn that Kayleigh Thomson has been elected as the co-chair of the Future Leaders group," said Charlie Peppiatt, Chief Executive Officer of G&H. "Her passion, talent, and leadership skills make her the perfect choice to help lead this organization into the future. We look forward to seeing all that she and the rest of the Future Leaders group will accomplish in the coming years."

Kayleigh received her doctorate in High Energy Physics from the University of Liverpool and is currently an Optical Design Engineer at G&H.