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G&H Featured in Military Systems & Technology Magazine


G&H is proud to announce its feature in the June 2024 edition of Military Systems & Technology magazine. The article, titled "Designed with the Driver in Mind: Performance and State-of-the-Art Customization of the Embedded Image Periscope for Challenger 3 Tanks," highlights our innovative work on the next-generation Embedded Image Periscope (EIP) for the British Army's Challenger 3 tanks.

In collaboration with Rheinmetall Electronics UK (REUK), G&H was awarded a £4.1M contract to deliver a significant upgrade to the EIP system, enhancing its capabilities in reconnaissance, surveillance, driver safety, and target acquisition. Dubbed "the eyes of the British Challenger 3," our EIP integrates classic glass and digital display periscope design, providing a versatile and high-precision solution for the tank's crew.

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Military Systems & Technology Magazine

Military Systems & Technology Magazine - Edition Two - June 2024