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Optical Coherence Tomography

OCT is a high-resolution cross-sectional imaging technique that is non-invasive and utilizes NIR light to penetrate into the sample.

From an initial focus on biomedical procedures such as cardiology, skin cancer investigations to ophthalmology in the 1990s, optical coherence tomography (OCT) is now being seriously considered for applications such as materials analysis in markets ranging from oil and gas, to food processing and automotive paint testing.

We have worked with the world's key players and suppliers for OCT devices since 2001.

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How we work in OCT

We understand the challenge. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems manufacturers need to deliver systems capable of higher resolution imaging, faster and at lower costs than ever before. You need fit-for-purpose components and systems that are to specification, budget, and timeline. To achieve this at scale, whilst reducing costs over the product lifetime, requires efficient and effective system design.

As a vertically integrated supplier, we offer supply chain simplification with a single source for (design for manufacture and assembly) DFMA, engineering, test, manufacture, and integration. Even if we don't make all the subcomponents for your system, we are able to integrate 3rd party components. All of our external suppliers have been through a rigorous qualification process with us, and we have confidence in our component suppliers.

We understand our customers’ need for high performance, as well as flexibility in design. For decades we have developed integrated subsystems, such as the critical fused fiber coupler, which was initially for the long-distance optical communications industry and is now available for OCT too. We have invested in R&D and listened to our customers’ needs, developing key components such as the optical delay line, PDR (polarization diverse receiver), and collimator for OCT interferometers, as well as subsystems and fully bespoke OCT systems.

We have the ability to look at a customer's schematic and know where the problems lay. We can help you to develop your system to get better image quality/resolution, speed, stability, smoothness, and reliability.

OCT system development success is not solely dependent on an OEM choosing the optimal combination of parts but rather a consideration of time to market and development and manufacture costs is paramount. The approach to design can make the difference between an OCT project reaching the market at the right time and price point or getting delayed in costly refinement cycles.

Thanks to our established buying power, design for manufacture focus and continuous improvement, we can help customers overcome these challenges. Expertise in component selection and integration into high-quality and effective OCT subsystems that can be manufactured in volume and to the highest standards is key to systems innovation.

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Our OCT product and technology development

In addition to standard OCT components and subsystems, we have the design, engineering, and manufacturing expertise to produce custom products. We work with our OEM customers, using our expertise to design, develop, test, and manufacture the solutions customers need to ensure their OCT imaging systems offer the highest degree of functionality and ease of use.

We offer a range of related products and services, including but not limited to:

  • Optical delay lines
  • Polarization diverse recievers
  • Fused fiber couplers

Component integration

Our products comprise components and subsystems. Some products are standard but most of our OEM customers have unique requirements and we are experienced in working with them to design and engineer the solution they need.

Customers invariably require bespoke OCT system design, which is dedicated to specific applications, and therefore need to carefully choose their components and supplier to maximize system performance while minimizing cost and development time.