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Corner Cubes

Corner Cubes

High laser damage threshold corner cubes from G&H are used in laser rangefinders to collapse the optical cavity, reduce weight, and improve system performance. They are used in laser cavity designs as a circulator or in instrumentation for compact beam-folded designs.

Corner cubes comprise three mirrors, or reflective prism faces, which return an incident light beam in the opposite direction.

Corner cubes are primarily used in either imaging or laser applications.


Corner cubes for imaging applications are used where it is difficult or too time-consuming to attain precision alignment of the returned beam. The monolithic structure of the component eliminates mounting errors such as can arise when using mirrors and is also less sensitive to thermal errors.

Corner cubes for imaging applications are optimized for broadband performance and minimal transmitted wavefront distortion. Corner cubes may be supplied with or without coatings on the reflecting surfaces as they operate on the principles of total internal reflection (TIR). Coatings are recommended in applications where TIR angles are exceeded or the surfaces cannot be kept clean.

High-precision retro-reflectors offer excellent parallelism between input and output beams. They can be used in surveying applications or other imaging applications. Backside protective black coatings protect the working surface of the corner cube while mounting or handling.

Laser cavities and laser range finding

Corner cubes from G&H are most often used in laser cavity designs as a circulator. These are often deployed in laser range finding applications to keep system size and weight to a minimum. For laser applications, our cubes are optimized for laser damage threshold and minimization of losses (absorption, reflections, transmission, and scattering).

Our corner cubes for laser ranging finding are compact, precise, and designed to withstand environmentally challenging operation conditions.

Instrumentation applications

Corner cube reflectors can also be used in spectrometer designs, as the returned beam is highly parallel to the input beam due to the inherent monolithic structure of the corner cube.


Laser cavities, range finding, surveying, satellites, spectroscopy.

Wavelength ranges
  • 240 nm to 5000 nm
  • 5 – 150 mm diameter
Coating options
  • Frontsideanti-reflection coatings
  • Backside metal coatings
  • Backside protective black coatings for improved handling performance
  • High laser damage threshold coatings

G&H has earned ISO9001 and AS9100C certifications. Durability testing can be performed against MIL, DIN, or BSI standards as appropriate.