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I-M041-2.5C10G-4-GH50 Modulator product image


For use in the 1030–1064 nm wavelength range, at an operating frequency of 40.68 MHz with a rise time of 113 ns/mm, and an active aperture of 2.5 mm.

Full Product Description
1030–1064 nm
Operating Frequency:
40.68 MHz
Active Aperture:
2.5 mm
Rise/Fall Time:
113 ns/mm
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Product description

Combining optimum grade crystalline quartz, high-quality optical finishing, high-grade anti-reflection coatings, with novel acoustic management and optomechanical design techniques, this modulator achieves exceptional thermal management while maintaining superior beam quality and high optical throughput.

Key features

  • High Damage Threshold
  • Improved thermal management
  • Superior beam quality


Wavelength1030–1064 nm
Operating Frequency40.68 MHz
Active Aperture2.5 mm
Rise/Fall Time113 ns/mm
Interaction materialCrystal quartz
Damage threshold> 1 GW/cm²
AR coating reflectivity< 0·3% per surface
Transmission> 99·4%
Optical polarizationLinear, vertical to base
Acoustic modeCompressional
Separation angle7.6 mrad
Diffraction efficiency≥85%
RF powerMax: 20 W

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