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Crystals and Nonlinear Optics

Nonlinear optic (NLO) crystals enable light frequency conversion applications from the deep UV to the far-infrared. We offer NLO crystals, complete with AR coatings and packaged in housings, for wavelength conversion and polarization control over a wide spectral range.

We manufacture a wide selection of materials such as beta-barium borate (BBO), Cadmium Selenide (CdSe), cadmium sulfide, (CdS), potassium di-hydrogen phosphate (KDP), and potassium di-deuterium phosphate (KD*P). All are fabricated on a made-to-order basis in-house using advanced orienting, sawing, grinding, and lapping technologies. From one-off to volume OEM applications, we design and fabricate crystals for research and industrial use.

Our XC, XCL, XH, and XTP product series represents our family of housing solutions, for thin crystal holders with hard ceramic apertures (XC), thick crystal holders with hard ceramic apertures (XCL), crystal holders with N2 purge (XH), and large aperture, extremely thin crystal holders (XTP).

Custom Lithium Niobate, Lithium Tantalate, and TeO₂ substrates are available upon request.

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