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Photonics for Sabre Commander/Gunner Sights

Sabre series©️ Private

Sabre series

A family of compact and yet extremely capable sights for small to medium turret systems or for use as a reversionary sight.

Configurable as a day/day, day/night, day/thermal, and narrow gunner's sight variants. The day/thermal variant also has an in-built laser range finder option.

Sabre commander/gunner sights have been selected for service with numerous armed forces around the world and therefore represent a popular solution. Sabre’s design is proven and qualified, a flexible asset for use in a range of turret sizes and applications.

The design team at our innovation center located in St Asaph, North Wales offers a fully customization service, as we have throughout our long-standing history.

Sabre series brochure
Sabre NGS Narrow Gunner's SightSabre NGS Narrow Gunner's Sight©️ G&H

Sabre Narrow Gunner’s Sight

Our Sabre Narrow Gunner’s Sight (NGS) is a tall narrow periscopic sight specifically designed for small turrets or as an auxiliary sight for larger turrets.

Standard features

• x1.5 and x6 magnified channels

• Adjustable dioptre eye piece

• -10 to +45 degs elevation range

• 4,000m recognition of MBT in x6 mode

• Designed to fit in limited space envelopes

• Eyeguard for optimum black out

Sabre Narrow Gunner’s Sight brochure
©️ Private

Sabre Ti Thermal

Sabre Thermal image (Ti) was developed as Gunner and/or Commander’s sight for small to medium turret systems, with an optional Laser Range Finder (LRF).

Sabre Ti employs the very latest ITAR-free Long Wave Thermal Image technology. A 640 x 480 17μ detector is at the heart of Sabre Ti giving tank detection at 5.4 km.

The x6 day channel is capable of recognising a main battle tank (defined as a 2.3 x 2.3 metre target) in clear air at a range of 4 km, and shall identify the same target at 2.5 km.

Sabre Ti Thermal brochure
Sabre Day/NightSabre Day/Night©️ G&H

Sabre II Day/Night

The Sabre II sight provides a comprehensive, combined Day/Night capability for Commanders and Gunners of small to medium AFVs.

The sight is designed to fit within a very compact space envelope. It provides a magnified day channel and an image intensified night channel.

Sabre II is configured with a main mirror and head assembly, sight linkage 2:1 mechanism and body shell. The optical channels are generated by incorporating a magnified image intensified night channel plus a single or dual field of view magnified day channel.

Customization of our Sabre family of products includes changes to allow below or above armor fitment and a graticule design capability to ensure the graticule pattern is tailored to the vehicle weaponry and user's requirement.

Sabre II Day/Night brochure

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