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Polymer Optics

Safeguarding the Future of Laser Optics with LIDT Testing

Our Laser Test Facility is a cornerstone of our operations and a testament to our dedication to precision, quality and resilience. With the application of Laser Induced Damage Threshold (LIDT) testing, we ascertain the robustness of our optics against laser-induced changes.

Our Laser Test Facility represents our ongoing commitment to ensuring the highest standards in laser optics. This is where we employ LIDT testing - an integral part of our process aimed at gauging the resilience of laser optics to intensive laser irradiation.

The LIDT test is a destructive testing method, purpose-built to measure the threshold of permanent laser-induced alterations in the surface or substrate of a sample. With the help of a high magnification differential interference contrast dark field microscope, we're able to detect even the most minute changes induced by laser exposure. This granular level of examination allows us to understand the endurance level of our optics, which is a key determinant of their overall performance and durability.

In the realm of laser optics, damage due to intense irradiation is a real concern. Damaged optical elements can potentially hamper the performance of laser systems, leading to issues down the line. By conducting rigorous LIDT tests at our facility, we strive to identify and rectify these potential problems ahead of time, significantly reducing the likelihood of unexpected or directed laser damage.

Our Laser Test Facility plays a significant role in the overall quality control process at G&H | Artemis. As we continue to leverage our sophisticated LIDT testing capabilities, we ensure that G&H | Artemis remains synonymous with exceptional quality, durability, and cutting-edge optical solutions.

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