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Polymer Optics

Unleashing Potential through Surface Form Measurement

We recognize the paramount importance of surface form measurement in unlocking the true potential of precision components. Our skilled engineers employ advanced techniques to ensure unparalleled accuracy, reliability, and customer satisfaction. With meticulous surface form measurements, we redefine precision, empowering industries to push the boundaries of performance and innovation.

Surface form measurement is critical in assessing the geometric characteristics of precision components. Through precise measurements, we capture subtle variations in shape, including flatness, curvature, and waviness. This comprehensive evaluation optimizes component performance and ensures seamless integration within complex systems.

One primary advantage of surface form measurement lies in its assessment of optical surfaces. By scrutinizing parameters like surface roughness, slope errors, and form deviations, we evaluate their impact on optical performance. This meticulous analysis guides engineers in achieving exceptional optical properties, minimizing light scattering, enhancing image quality, and achieving precise wavefront control.

Our surface form measurement expertise also contributes to semiconductor manufacturing. Evaluating surface characteristics of wafers and substrates enhances precision and reliability in electronic devices. Our measurements detect irregularities, enabling proactive measures to optimize yield and ensure the functionality of microelectronic components.

Beyond quality control, surface form measurement facilitates research and development. Accurate feedback on surface characteristics guides innovation and informed decision-making. Our measurements refine designs, validate simulations, and drive the development of next-generation technologies.Our Metrology Facility stands at the forefront of our operations. A testament to our dedication to accuracy, this facility empowers us to measure spectral reflection and transmission with unparalleled precision during the production of our thin film coatings.

Metrology, the science of measurement, lies at the heart of our process. With a focus on spectral reflection and transmission, our metrology unit enables us to understand the intricate behavior of light in relation to our thin film coatings. This understanding is vital to the refinement of our products, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and efficiency.

At G&H | Artemis, we've invested in cutting-edge interferometers and spectrophotometers - two key instruments that form the backbone of our Metrology Facility. Our interferometers play an essential role in measuring optical wavefronts, while our spectrophotometers provide a detailed analysis of spectral reflection and transmission. These technologies grant us the ability to make accurate and consistent measurements, ultimately ensuring the superior quality of our thin film coatings.

This facility is not just about achieving precise measurements; it is about using these measurements to guide our continuous improvement. The data we gather here informs our research and development, spurring innovations that push the envelope of thin film technology.

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