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Polymer Optics

World-Class Coatings

We take immense pride in being a leading force in optical thin film technology

With a passion for innovation and a commitment to excellence, we strive to push the boundaries of what is possible in this field. Our dedication stems from several key reasons, each driving us to deliver cutting-edge solutions and shape the future of optical thin film coatings.

We see the huge potential these coatings hold for emerging technologies, like augmented reality and autonomous vehicles, and work tirelessly to realize this. Our commitment also extends to environmental responsibility, exploring how thin film technology can contribute to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Collaborating with research institutions, industry leaders, and academic bodies, we tackle complex challenges and stimulate innovation in the field. Our journey in optical thin film technology is driven by the belief that we can make a significant impact, shaping the future of the industry and contributing to a sustainable world while leaving a lasting legacy in optical technology.

World-Class Achievements

1999: First to manufacture graded head-up displays

2003: Sole supplier of gas analysis filters for the Beagle mission to Mars

2004: First to produce an infrared cut-off lens for Nokia mobile phones

2007: First to market with colour-neutral ophthalmic laser filters

2012: Winners of SC21 Bronze award for exceptional product quality and on-time delivery

2013: Sole partner of Zodiac Airspace (Airbus) on the EU Clean Skies initiative

2014: Sole supplier to the MOD for next generation optical components on new armoured fighting vehicle

2016: Awarded a 10-year agreement from BAE Systems to supply HUD combiners assemblies for their advanced LiteHUD products

2017: Awarded major contracts from the UK MOD and US DoD totalling over $2m

2022: Artemis Optical wins BAE Systems Gold Supplier Award

2022: Artemis Optical wins a Queen’s Award for Enterprise

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