Hy-Per Bond™ – Adhesive and Organic-Free Bonding


Hy-Per Bond™, our adhesive-free bonding process, overcomes issues such as beam distortion and performance degradation resulting from the outgassing of optical cement. Hy-Per Bond™ is more tolerant of temperature differentials than optical contacting when used in high energy, humid, or cryogenic applications. By activating precision optical surfaces prior to joining them, permanent bonds are formed between the components, improving environmental stability. When bonding low expansion ceramics, thermal distortion is negligible.

Key features include:

  • Space qualified
  • No outgassing
  • In shear strength trials the bulk material fails, rather
    than the bond
  • Negligible thermal distortion
  • Resistant to moisture and vibration
  • Maintains strength at cryogenic temperatures
  • Stronger than optical cement (>50 MPa)
  • Alignment at submicron accuracy
  • Bond thickness ~100 nm

Hy-Per Bond™ is suitable for a wide range of materials, including fused silica, ZERODUR®, crystal quartz, and optical glasses. Hy-Per Bond™ can also be utilized for large surface areas, up to 170 cm2. Bonds tested achieved a laser induced damage threshold (LIDT) of >15 J/cm2, significantly better than typical epoxy-based bonds.

For more information on our Hyper-Bond™ technique and how you can benefit from epoxy-free bonded optics, please contact us.