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Single Point Diamond Turning

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Single point diamond turning (SPDT) is the process of turning optical elements with a diamond-tipped cutting tool and is used for high-quality aspheric optical elements. We use Single Point Diamond Turning to produce ultra-precise infrared optical components such as infrared aspheric, diffractive, and spherical optics and gratings.

The process of mechanical machining infrared optical components using lathes equipped with diamond-tipped tools enables us to manufacture crystal-based optical products with a greater degree of precision than otherwise possible with standard machining techniques.

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ConfigurationsHigh performance rotationally symmetrical with raster correction for high precision optics such as IR spherical lenses, aspheres, binary diffractive lenses (plano, spherical, aspherical diffractive), Fresnel lenses, hybrid lenses, mirrors.
MaterialCalcium fluoride (CaF2), chalcogenide glass (gallium arsenide), germanium, silicon, zinc selenide, zinc sulphide, multi-spectral zinc sulphide (CLEARTRAN™) and other materials on request. Refer to materials table for further details.
SizesDiameter range from 8-250 mm
Surface form error≤0.25 μm P-V (depending on material and configuration)

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