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Polymer Optics

Custom Optical Filter Design

We recognize that no two optical challenges are the same. This understanding lies at the core of our ability to deliver customized optical thin film filters that perfectly meet your unique specifications. Our bespoke filters are more than just wavelength absorbers. They are carefully designed compositions of substrates and dielectric materials, creating optical capabilities tailored to your needs.

Our versatility lies in our extensive range of substrates, including sheet materials, molded substrates, and ground and polished materials. The choice of substrate is a critical aspect of creating the perfect filter, as it significantly influences the optical properties of the finished product. We also layer dielectric materials onto the substrate, imbuing the filter with key optical capabilities, from reflective or anti-reflective coatings to absorption of specific wavelengths.

With the potential to laminate different absorption bands, we can construct a single filter possessing multiple characteristics - a feature highly coveted in the realm of bespoke optical thin film filters. The shape of the substrate also matters. Our filters aren't always flat; some can be reflective or curved, focusing the light in a specific direction and eliminating the need for additional components.

Many of our bespoke filters are created with an emphasis on fitting the desired dimensions, apart from the filter's optical properties. Moreover, the filter's overall absorption pattern is crucial. The materials used, filter size and shape collectively influence this key aspect.

To assure quality, we employ industry-standard spectrophotometers ranging from 175 nm to 30 microns to measure and qualify every filter. This ensures your custom-made optical thin film filters will always meet your specific optical profile.

In need of a tailor-made optical thin film filter? Reach out to us today. Share your specifications, and our team will get back to you promptly to discuss your needs.