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Our Business

Our Vision, Mission and Values

G&H booth at Laser World of Photonics, Munich, 2022G&H booth at Laser World of Photonics, Munich, 2022©️ Private


A better world with photonics

Photonics is an enabling technology, behind the transformation of many areas of 21st century life. As experts in our field, we are at the forefront of this revolution.


Delivering world class engineering and manufacturing solutions responsibly

Our customers rely on our products and the processes we use to deliver them to manufacture their own successful products and distinguish themselves from their competitors.


Customer focus, integrity, action, unity, and precision

These values apply to all employees across the G&H Group. They are what unites us, give us purpose, motivates us, give us direction and distinguishes as a supplier, an employer, an investment target, and as a customer.

Customer focus

We 'go the extra yard' to prioritize our customers both internal and external.


We 'do the right thing'. Hard on the issue, fair on the person, and kind to the planet.


Be a doer. Understanding 'it is what we do that makes a difference'. Demonstrate self-motivation, take initiative, and show determination.


We are stronger together. Working together across teams and sites, in the spirit of collaboration towards a common purpose.


Expertise in our work. Commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in everything we do.

Our value proposition

Our advanced technology, design experience and manufacturing expertise allows us to provide our customers with high specification products that meet their precision performance, quality, and reliability requirements whether as complex components, subsystems, or full system solutions.