G&H Announces Queen’s Award for Enterprise: Innovation for Fiber-Q®

Ilminster, 21 April 2016

Queen's Award for Enterprise: Innovation 2016The Queens Awards are traditionally announced on 21 April, the birthday of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The Award for Enterprise: Innovation is given for achievements relating to product innovation and development which deliver significant improvement in business performance and commercial success. Introduced in 2009, the Fiber-Q® has proved hugely successful as an innovative and cost saving product for a range of laser modulation applications in sectors including defense and security, life and health sciences and materials processing.

Engineers at our Torquay and Ilminster sites together took a holistic approach to develop a device for the fiber laser community that can be used to reproducibly modify and precisely control laser beams. This innovation, for the first time, brings the flexibility of acousto-optics to the fiber optic community in the form of a small, robust, low loss package easily be incorporated into all-fiber architecture without compromising the key benefits offered by fiber based systems. Acousto-optic modulation is a less complex, more robust, less costly and more flexible than more traditional solutions. This has led to its widespread deployment in an extremely wide range of applications.

We are immensely proud that our innovation has been honored with the Queens Award for Innovation. The Fiber-Q® is a flagship product, showcasing cross-site collaboration on photonics innovation to engineer and manufacture a truly unique product which has transformed fiber laser systems technology.” Adrian Norman, Director of Engineering, G&H (Torquay).

GH hermetically sealed Fiber-QG&H’s expertise in acousto-optics, fiber optics and photonic packaging have enabled us to bring a truly innovative product to market and from there diversify with products designed for range of power ratings and wavelengths, both hermetically sealed where environmental conditions dictate the need for ruggedized components, and non-hermetic where a lower cost option is preferred.

The Fiber-Q® has been adopted in a number of markets. In the primary market, industrial material processing, the benefits are both increased efficiency and reduced cost.

“The Fiber-Q® product developed by G&H is a critical component in our amplified systems. The fast-response afforded by acousto-optic technology creates an ideal switching device, and no other solution provides the performance balanced with practicality and cost.” John Clowes, Director of Business Development at Fianium, the specialist manufacturer of ultrafast and high power fiber lasers, including pico-second lasers, femto-second lasers and supercontinuum sources.

Furthermore, the Queen’s Award for Innovation comes less than two years after G&H’s receipt of the Institute of Physics Award for Innovation, also for the Fiber-Q™.

For more information on Fiber-Q® development and products please contact Adrian Chance, Marcomms Manager, Toby Reid, Product Director at G&H (Torquay) or visit the Fiber-Q™ section of the G&H website. More details of this year’s Queen’s Award winners can be found here.