ISLA (Integrated disruptive componentS for 2 micron fibre LAsers) Project Concludes

Ilminster, 12 August 2015

G&H announces the conclusion of the ISLA (Integrated disruptive componentS for 2 µm fiber Lasers) project that started in October 2011 and finished in June 2015.

The project was an FP7 collaborative research and development project supported by the European Commission, with the aim to push forward the boundaries of current laser material processing technology by developing a complete set of “building-block” components for 2 µm fiber lasers.

G&H was project co-ordinator with project partners II-VI Laser Enterprises, JDSU, ROFIN, Trinity College Dublin, the University of Southampton, and Vivid Components. Over the last three and a half years the project has had a major impact on the development of components for 2 µm fiber lasers. Amongst the major advances made in the project were:

  • Thulium fibers with 70% slope efficiency at >100 W output
  • Holmium fibers with 75% slope efficiency
  • Amplitude modulators and tunable filters
  • Fiber-coupled isolators, pump combiners and low loss taps
  • Wavelength-flattened couplers
  • Fiber coupled silicon pulse pickers
  • Graphene based modelockers
  • 793 nm diodes >38 W in 105 µm fiber with 0.15 NA demonstrated
  • Wavelength stabilised 793 nm diodes with 60% power conversion efficiency

The project culminated in a workshop held on 26 June 2015 after Laser World of Photonics, Munich. Slides from this event, summarising the technology developed in the project, and including a range of presentations from external speakers on applications for 2 µm lasers, may be found on the project website.

With the project completed, work continues at The Optoelectronics Research Centre (ORC) in Southampton, UK to build a 0.5 kW CW 2 µm fiber laser based on ISLA components. This will be characterized at the ORC, and then transferred for industrial testing at the ROFIN Laser Applications Laboratory, Hamburg.

G&H has commercialised a large number of the products developed for ISLA, including fused fiber devices, acousto-optic filters and modulators, details of which can be found on the G&H website.

For further information please contact: regarding ISLA or for G&H specific inquiries.