Previewing product and capabilities for laser systems and machine vision at Laser Munich 2019

Ilminster, 19 June 2019



Laser World of Photonics runs from 24-27 June. G&H exhibit on booth B2 303.

At this year’s  Laser Munich show we will show a range of acousto-optic (AO) and electro-optic (EO) laser pulse control devices.

Our devices – AO deflectors (AODFs), modulators (AOMs) and Q-switches (AOQSs) and RF drivers, will offer superior pulse control and complex beam-steering capabilities as well as integration with other technologies such as galvanometers. We can give you ultrafast switching and modulation, more accurate via drilling, cutting, marking and engraving with G&H acousto-optics designed into your laser.

Visit the AO section of our website for product details.

Star products

Chiron 3 BBO Pockels cell
Our new Chiron 3 BBO Pockels cell raises the bar for high repetition rate and high- average power laser applications.

Chiron 3 designed for use with regenerative amplifiers in for mode locking/pulse picking applications with ultrafast lasers, exceeding the performance of other BBO Pockels cells with respect to extended exposure and at high repetition rate while maintaining a high contrast ratio. It can withstand temperature extremes without suffering permanent damage. Using material from our internal BBO growth enables the stable outstanding performance for all Chiron Pockels cells. Read the Chiron 3 datasheet here.

Acousto-optic deflectors (AODFs)
G&H AODFs are designed for specialized high speed scanning applications. Devices range from conduction cooled to high power water cooled designs. Our UV AODF is ideal for applications such as micro machining, inspection systems, via drilling and graphic imaging. Two dimensional scanning can be achieved by cascading two deflectors in series.

We can tailor deflector performance to meet your specific needs. Read the datasheet here.


Talk to us about how we can make your laser systems more effective, reliable and durable.

Machine vision for recycling, food sorting, security imaging in low light and no-light

Three StingRay Optics lensesStingRay lens systems for imaging across the infrared SWIR/Vis-SWIR, MWIR, LWIR for imaging offer superior resolution and compatibility with the latest generation of cameras and sensors. We’ll be demonstrating SWIR imaging live on the stand – come and see what you and your colleagues look like in SWIR and find out more about SWIR applications.


Star Products

We’ll be demonstrating:

  • GhostSight™ series VisSWIR 400-1700 nm with High transmissivity and achromatically corrected
  • Titan™ HD uncooled LWIR (25-140 mm CZ) supporting up to 1920 x 1200, 12 µm arrays; perfect for adding a digital zoom capability to the 5.6X optical zoom. The world’s first commercial HD microbolometer lens series
  • FireAnt™ SWIR Zoom 25-250 mm. Maintains F/2

For more on these and other StingRay lenses, please visit the website.

If you’d like  meet us and talk more about these products and how G&H can give your OEM systems better performance and reliability, visit our stand, B2 303, or email to make an appointment.