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G&H | StingRay SR4153-A01 - 40-400mm FireAntG&H | StingRay SR4153-A01 - 40-400mm FireAnt©️ G&H

G&H unveils improved field-of-view (FOV) capability of new SWIR FireAnt™ series at DCS 2024


Keene, US – April 2024

G&H, the world leader in optical high-performance applications, is present at this year’s SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing conference taking place in National Harbor, MD, between April 21-25, 2024. The photonics company will exhibit at booth #913 a distinctive aerospace and defense portfolio, including its recently launched Apollo lenses for space and the newly improved SWIR FireAnt™ series.

The StingRay FireAnt™ solutions represent the main product group G&H is headlining during DCS 2024, highlighting both its technological capability, as well as the commercial benefits deriving from its peerless manufacturing process. This product category includes ruggedized shortwave (SWIR) infrared lens assemblies made to provide high-quality imaging for A&D applications. They represent a core, client-lead venture in optical innovation through their full-rugged form aimed at facilitating tactical approaches. The StingRay FireAnt™ can concomitantly accommodate up to 16.4 mm HD image formats. The improved field-of-view (FOV) of the lenses allows users to receive a larger landscape view, next to an enhanced depth perception. Every lens system includes a StingWare™ Controller featuring metric zoom and focus mechanisms offering positioning precision and repeatability, temperature adjusted focal length and object distance queries. Additionally, the high-performance configuration of the solution has active athermalization functionalities, which minimize the risks associated with thermal expansion on imaging performance. This guarantees the accuracy and repeatability of the imaging feedback (distance and exact focal length) by reducing the hysteresis of the system.

G&H | Stingray FireAnt SR5037G&H | Stingray FireAnt SR5037©️ G&H

The competitive edge of this lens series comes out of the close development cycle G&H has implemented with its aerospace and defense clients, in particular regarding the qualification stage of the solutions. The effective feedback loop carried out by the photonics business with its external partners assures a fast, adaptable pacing in product design, as well as an unparalleled customization power toward market needs.

“We are dealing with an incredibly performing instrument that gets the job done because of its unique design strategy”, comments Evan McCutcheon, Sales Application Engineer at G&H. “The improved FireAnt™ series will answer the most pressing high-tech challenges in the A&D sector that can be reduced via optics such as interface configuration, technological adaptability or user-friendliness of their systems. For example, the constant aperture of the FireAnt™ lens series facilitates seamless target acquisition missions, a critical concern in military operations. Especially for unmanned applications such as drones, helicopters or other such aircrafts, the StingRay FireAnt™ lenses are making a considerable difference compared to other available technology.”

With an important aerospace and defense applicability, the G&H StingRay solutions target synergies in the following sectors: border and coastal surveillance and security, pan/tilt zoom payloads, mast-mounted installations, land vehicles, fire control systems, missile and munitions trackers, laser detection, loiter/track systems, large class gimbal payloads, and counter-UAS.

G&H | Stingray Speaker SessionG&H | Stingray Speaker Session©️ G&H

Also, next to product presentations, G&H will host a series of interactive panels during the 2024 SPIE Defense + Commercial Sensing conference. Topics such as “G&H | StingRay's stellar spectacles: FireAnt™ SWIR Zoom and Apollo VNIR Space Lenses” and “Modal vs Kapton: countering environmental effects in optical systems using Kapton tape” will be discussed on Monday, April 22nd, and Wednesday, April 24th by G&H’s Evan McCutcheon, Sales Application Engineer, and Joshua B. Bettinger, Opto-Mechanical Engineer. The full G&H program can be explored here.

“We are grateful to be an active part of the entire conference ecosystem at DCS 2024. On the one side, the G&H team has prepared an immersive, hands-on product experience for visitors who will stop by our booth #913. They will get to see the G&H | Stingray’s SR4770-A01 and G&H | Stingray’s SR4894-A01 in action on the spot. On the other hand, we will be talking about new applications in optics such as the different uses of the vibration damping tape, Kapton, that can act as a cushion for these lenses when they go into high-shock, high-vibration environments. Overall, the schedule offers a balanced approach for visitors, and we are excited to share the latest A&D technology coming from G&H,” says Joshua B. Bettinger, Opto-Mechanical Engineer at Gooch & Housego.
Products from the SWIR FireAnt™ line will be available for customers to test live at the G&H booth #913.

With the emerging challenges in the aerospace and defense industry, there are growing expectations for the precision and performance of the available A&D technology. G&H is at the forefront of revolutionary optics and photonics applications for the sector, answering to client feedback swiftly and steadfast. The company, through its updated product portfolio and extensive engineering know-how, is looking forward to moving the innovation capacity in this area to its next level.

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