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Optical imaging in harsh environments

The primary aim of imaging in marine, land, airborne, and space environments is to enable short, medium and long-range reliable situational awareness in especially harsh conditions.

Laser rangefinder and reconnaissance systemLaser rangefinder and reconnaissance system©️ G&H

Our experience and expertise in providing imaging solutions for challenging circumstances, such as marine, land, airborne and space, puts us in a unique position, where we can offer tested and proven solutions and bring high quality imaging to all domains.

We have successfully deployed thousands of imaging systems in environments ranging from deep undersea to the Earth’s surface to its atmosphere, and continuing all the way to space. Our vertical integration allows us to design complete customs systems for a wide range of platforms, including submarines, ships, armored fighting vehicles, aircraft, and satellites.

How G&H works in marine, land, airborne, and space imaging

Environmental factors such as temperature, shock, humidity and radiation all affect imaging and require careful consideration when mitigating for these factors. We use a combination of sophisticated simulation and rigorous testing to validate delivered deliver validated systems for operating in harsh environments.

A critical aspect of these imaging solutions is the minimization of the SWAP-C (size, weight, power and cost) of the system, which must be optimized for specific applications in marine, land, airborne, and space environments. We have delivered systems with extreme restrictions and are well versed with the trade-offs involved with minimizing SWAP-C.

Working with folded optical systems, common aperture broadband systems, and careful material selection, we can find the balance to meet challenging requirements. It does not matter what imaging sensor you would like to use, we can integrate it into a custom housing to operate in almost any situation.

Our strive for continuous improvement and unique approach produces agile redesigns and customizations that enable our customers to test new ideas and concepts, and bring new solutions to their markets and application areas more rapidly.

Some of the applications that we support are listed in the table below, as well as some of our supporting facilities that enable us to meet the high standards necessary for successful optical imaging in harsh environments.

Polymer defense optics

G&H is a trusted supplier of advanced defense optics, working with leading military suppliers. Our polymer optics expertise helps reduce system complexity and weight, enhancing safety and effectiveness for soldiers who carry heavy high-tech equipment. We excel in night vision optics, laser targeting, missile guidance, infrared and thermal imaging, all of which benefit from our precision polymer lenses. Our commitment to assembly quality ensures the reliability of vision systems for defense. With government registration and strong ITAR compliance, G&H is a consistent choice for defense optical solutions.

ApplicationsSupporting facilities
Laser targeting visualizationOptical systems innovation hub
Maritime fog/haze penetrationExtensive cleanroom facility
UAVsPrecision optics expertise
Mid to long-range surveillance
Threat detection
Star-tracking / Positioning
Border surveillance
Target acquisition / LDEW
Docking of space-station

Product and technology development offered by G&H

“Any wavelength, any sensor, any application.”

Next to our extensive range of products, we offer the complete range of related services, including but not limited to:

  • System engineering and sensor integration.
  • Minimizing SWAP-C.
  • Ruggedization expertise.
  • Optical system for any wavelength.
  • Optomechanical design and electronic design.

Contact us today to tell us more about your imaging challenges for any environment.