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Polymer Optics

Why polymer optics?

Polymer optics are a popular choice for precision applications because they are lightweight and can be mass-produced. However, to achieve the required precision, polymer optics require careful handling and expertise.

G&H | GS Optics has years of experience in polymer optics, and we have the expertise and capabilities to help you meet the most demanding requirements. Our team of experienced engineers and scientists can help you with all aspects of polymer optics development, from design to prototyping to production.

  • Quality: Emphasizing the highest standards, our commitment lies in delivering top-tier polymer optics. Utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and technology, our rigorous quality control process ensures products meet the most demanding standards.
  • Innovation: Acknowledging the significance of pioneering solutions, we persistently push the boundaries in optical advancements. From design to production, our focus remains on fostering innovation to bring your vision to life.
  • Value: Devoted to offering optimal precision optics solutions, our approach prioritizes delivering the best value for customers. Collaborating closely, we streamline designs for manufacturability and meticulously select materials and processes tailored to specific needs.

We design and manufacture our polymer optics by hand, in Rochester, New York.

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