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Precision Prisms

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The simplicity of the optical prism function belies the complexity of its manufacture. Each surface that is polished and coated must also be held in the strictest angular tolerance to the other surfaces.

Optical prisms are challenging to manufacture as each surface and its angular tolerances to the whole are difficult to maintain during polishing and coating. Optical prism fabrication requires complex tooling and these are a part of our core capabilities.

In order to collapse or control the optical path, optical engineers may generate designs that require optical contacting of multiple prisms to create complex optical structures. Each angle and surface must be held in the tightest of tolerances to the whole piece.

Coatings are similarly difficult, as surfaces may receive different coatings, fixturing is complex, and the final surfaces may need to be completely flat to enable proper contacting, bonding, and alignment to the whole assembly.

We design and manufacture our precision prisms, by hand, in the United Kingdom.


We manufacture precision optical prisms for a wide range of applications, from high-energy laser cavities to broadband imaging systems.

We invest in state-of-the-art metrology to ensure customers receive the highest quality products. G&H has received ISO9001 certification across all of its manufacturing sites and AS9100C certification has been achieved at select facilities. Durability testing can be performed against MIL, DIN, or BSI standards as appropriate.

Optical prisms types include Abbe, Amici, Dove, Leman, Pechan prism, pentaprism, periscope, Porro, rhomboid, Schmidt, Wollaston and Zeiss.

Our precision optical prism production capabilities include precision angular tolerancing, accurate wavefront control, and polishing of a wide variety of materials (see Materials for a complete list).


Wavelength ranges240–5000 nm
Dimensions5–150 mm diameter
Coating optionsFront surface anti-reflection coatings
Back surface metal coatings
Back surface protective black coatings for improved handling performance
High laser damage threshold coatings
Country of manufactureUK

G&H Precision Optics Brochure

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From high transmission broadband anti-reflection coatings to V-coats for high energy applications, our extensive coating capabilities for precision optical components deliver performance across the spectrum from the UV to the FIR. Take a closer look at our optical coatings service.


We have made a significant investment in metrology equipment to ensure that our customers receive quality, high-performing precision optical components. More details on our metrology capabilities can be found on our metrology page.

Environmental testing

Environmental testing of components and coatings is critical for the assurance of performance in rugged conditions. G&H environmental testing capabilities include MIL-C-675C, MIL-C-48497A, MIL-E-12397, and MIL-M-13508C for endurance against abrasion, adhesion, humidity, temperature, and environmental conditions.

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