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UV, Visible, Vis-SWIR, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR
G&H provide cutting-edge optical solutions to the most challenging customer needs.

Our high performance optical design and specialized coatings provide optimal imagery for demanding defense, first-responder, security and machine vision applications.

ITAR free design and manufacture in the UK and the USA ensure full regulatory compliance.

G&H’s lens design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities represent the combined expertise of facilities at G&H Ilminster, UK; StingRay Optics, Keene, NH, USA; and Kent Periscopes, St. Asaph, UK.

We work closely with our customers to provide the right solution for their needs. Whether this a standard, commercial-off-the-shelf (COTs) lens, pre-engineered or a fully customized solution.

We set the standard for infrared lenses for rugged environments and demanding applications.

Our latest market leading wide angle, low distortion Vis-SWIR AVILL lens is now sampling:


Our extensive design services benefit from world class in-house lens manufacture and complex coating capability. We provide expert advice, simplify and solve complex problems delivering results quickly.

Customer Engineering Services - Our experts support complex optical and opto-mechanical design and system production. We align with your goals and objectives to turn vision into reality.

Proof of Concept and Feasibility Studies – Working with clients establish and prove product value, validate innovative solutions and demonstrate features in principle.

Prototyping – G&H offers a range of prototyping technologies to model, test or sample new releases.

Production – Flexible international production facilities supply small scale through to mass production at a consistent, certified quality. We can assemble your lens assembly, sub-systems and systems.

Test – Our state of the art test and measurement equipment ensure quality and conformity. We employ industry standard methods to very and certify each assembly.


Our premium designs range from a single lens element through to a complex optical assemblies. They are typically high-performance, high-value solutions commonly featuring:

  • UV through to long-wave IR wavelengths
  • High optical resolution
  • High transmission
  • Low mass
  • Fixed, variable and motorized focus systems
  • Athermalization
  • Environmental protection
  • Space saving packaging
  • Standard and custom mounts and interfaces
  • Human factors and ergonomics

We provide stringent controls and documentation required for defense and security applications, working between multiple facilities to meet export legislation and quality requirements (ISO 9001, AS9100C, ITAR) on multi-decade programs.

Focus on SWIR

Short-wave infrared (SWIR) light is typically defined as light in the 0.9 – 1.7 μm wavelength range.

A large number of applications that are difficult or impossible to perform in visible light become possible using SWIR.  Smoke, water vapor, fog, and certain materials are transparent in SWIR wavelengths. Colors that appear almost identical in the visible range may be easily distinguished in SWIR.

SWIR, unlike Mid-Wave Infrared (MWIR) and Long-Wave Infrared (LWIR) light, is similar to visible light. Photons are reflected or absorbed by an object, providing the strong contrast needed for high resolution imaging. Ambient star light and background radiance (nightglow) are natural emitters of SWIR providing excellent illumination for outdoor, night-time imaging.

G&H are currently working in partnership with key customers, major distributors and sensor manufacturers to explore and develop solutions that maximise the benefits that SWIR technologies offer to machine vision, defense, first-responder and security applications.

Our SWIR lens assemblies make extensive use of selected glasses and coatings to produce an optimised solution for the SWIR wavelengths, essential to provide high resolution, high transmission, low aberration images.

Utilising our cutting edge expertise in optical design, material selection and specialised coatings we are now able to offer solutions that combine the benefits of SWIR and visible wavelengths in high performance Vis-SWIR lens assemblies.

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