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Custom Optical Systems

Lens Systems

Our optical design, mechanical and electrical engineering, assembly, and technical sales teams have amassed unparalleled experience in the custom optical systems markets. We develop customized lens systems for optimal performance in a wide range of applications and environments.

Whether you require a complete design of a lens system or integration from multiple vendors, we support your product design to meet your requirements. Small footprint, ruggedized operation, high-resolution performance, and availability of parts are all different aspects that we balance to deliver high-performing systems.

Filter Wheel Assemblies

Our Optical Filter Wheels represent a nexus of precision, control, and versatility. They are capable of rotating multiple optical filters into the path of light, allowing for rapid transition between various spectral bands. This high-speed switching is fundamental in applications where time-resolved spectral analysis is key, and where data reliability hinges on the agility of spectral control.

The applications of our Optical Filter Wheels stretch across an impressive array of sectors. Industrial monitoring leverages our filter wheels for fine-tuned monitoring of gases, moisture, and color. In food manufacturing, the precision and speed offered by our filter wheels have revolutionized color measurements, delivering an unmatched level of accuracy and consistency. Additionally, in the burgeoning field of satellite-based agricultural systems, our Optical Filter Wheels provide an essential tool for multispectral analysis, allowing for real-time health monitoring of crops, detection of pest infestations, and effective water management.

Each of our Optical Filter Wheels is assembled with meticulous care, reflecting our ethos of precision and excellence. With the integration of our in-house narrow bandpass filters, we ensure that each filter wheel we produce stands up to our exacting standards and delivers superior performance in its field of application.