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Custom Optical Systems

Since our inception in 2004, G&H StingRay has been answering the call of those in need of an optical system to address their unique requirements. We develop customized lens systems for optimal performance in a wide range of applications and environments.

After just shy of twenty consecutive years of honing these skills, our optical design, mechanical and electrical engineering, assembly, and technical sales teams have amassed unparalleled experience in the custom optical systems markets. A solution developed by G&H StingRay will put you ahead of the competition, our deep experience and expertise ensure that.

Whether you require a complete design of a lens system or integration from multiple vendors, we support your product design to meet your requirements. Small footprint, ruggedized operation, high-resolution performance, and availability of parts are all different aspects that we balance to deliver high-performing systems.

This experience directly contributed to the development of the industry’s broadest set of commercial-off-the-shelf infrared product offerings as well as recent expansion to support both commercial and defense production opportunities through custom optical design continues to be the bedrock that G&H StingRay is built on today!