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Ruggedized Continuous Zoom Systems

G&H StingRay offers mid-wave and shortwave imaging solutions for mission-critical components in your next program. For nearly twenty years, our lens systems have enabled successful applications in aerospace & defense, industry, and medicine.

High-performance IR imaging enables vision in low-visibility environments such as fog, smoke, dust, and total darkness. Our systems are designed to interface with a wide range of defense platforms, ensuring reliability regardless of the operational environment.

Our ruggedized continuous zoom systems are purpose-built from the ground up for the demands of high-resolution applications, and utilize unique aperture-specific fore optics and a modular base to maximize performance.

Each lens in the series is ruggedized for tactical application with a sealed front lens flange interface and additional features for convenient payload, enclosure, and dewar installation.

Our ruggedized continuous zoom systems ship standard with our StingWare™ controller featuring metric zoom, metric focus, and active thermalization functionalities. The controller leverages integrated hardware on the lens cells to minimize system hysteresis and accurately and repeatedly report exact focal length and object distances. This means never losing steps and no drift over temperature. Absolute position, always.

We have a wide range of experience in customizing lens systems to our customer's needs. If our two standard products don't meet your requirements, please get in touch and we will help you to find a solution.

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