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For use at the wavelength of 532 nm, at an operating frequency of 40 MHz with an active aperture of 2x6 mm.

Full Product Description
532 nm
Operating Frequency:
40 MHz
Active Aperture:
1·5 mm (vertical)
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Product description

Featuring a low power 100mW 40MHz supply requirement and high diffraction efficiency, this device is ideal for use in heterodyne interferometric
systems, particularly laser Doppler velocimetry, and has been designed to facilitate double-pass configurations.

This device has an integrated RF driver and reference frequency output, optimized to achieve a high extinction ratio between modes.

Key features

  • Low insertion loss
  • Excellent power handling
  • High diffraction efficiency
  • High extinction ratio between modes
  • Low power requirement


Interaction materialTellurium Dioxide
Wavelength532 nm
Operating Frequency40 MHz
Reflectivity per surface< 0·2%
Minimum optical aperture4 x 2.0 mm (horizontal and vertical)
Active Aperture1·5 mm (vertical)
Transmission> 95% @ 532 nm
Diffraction efficiencyMax: > 90% @ 532 nm
Polarization state of input beamLinear and horizontal with respect housing
Polarization state of 1st order beamLinear and orthogonal to input and zero order beams
Zero to 1st order polarisation extinction ratio> 100:1
Output configurationDiffracted & undiffracted Symmetrical to the left and right of the straight through direction ± 0·5º
Separation angle2° (0 to diffracted-order)
RF drive power≤ 80mW
Input impedance50 Ω
RF connectorSMA bulkhead jack

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Explanation: Frequency Shifter, 40MHz, 1.5mm active aperture, shear mode, Tellurium Dioxide, 532nm, SMA male, GH83 housing.