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AOMC 220-4

A 4-channel modulator for use at 350-365 nm, with a rise/fall time of 16 ns, an active aperture of 0.24 mm, and an operating frequency of 190-250 MHz.

Full Product Description
351-365 nm
Operating Frequency:
220 MHz
Active Aperture:
0.5 mm X 0.24 mm
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Product description

Combining optimum grade crystalline quartz, high-quality optical finishing, high-grade anti-reflection coatings, with novel acoustic management and optomechanical design techniques, this multi-channel modulator achieves exceptional thermal management while maintaining superior beam quality and high optical throughput.

Key features

  • High Damage Threshold
  • Low insertion loss
  • Superior beam quality


Wavelength351-365 nm
AO mediumCrystalline quartz
Acoustic velocity5.74 mm/μs
Operating Frequency220 MHz
Active Aperture0.5 mm X 0.24 mm
RF bandwidth60 MHz
Input impedanceNominal: 50 Ω
VSWRMax: 1.5:1
Insertion lossMax: 3%
Anti-reflection coatingMIL-C-48497
Damage threshold200 MW/cm²
Contrast ratioMin: 100:1
PolarizationPerpendicular 90° to acoustic wave

Performance vs wavelength

Wavelength351 nm365 nm
RF power2 W2 W
Bragg angle6.7 mr7 mr
Beam separation13.4 mr14 mr

Performance vs beam diameter

Beam diameter110 μm110 μm
Wavelength351 nm365 nm
Diffraction efficiencyMin: 83%Min: 83%
Rise time16 nsec16 nsec
Special testingMinUnits
Diffraction efficiency66%
Crosstalk25 dB