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Acousto-Optic Q-switches

Acousto-optic Q-switches (AOQS) work within laser cavities by generating high intensity, pulsed light by actively controlling the Q-factor of the cavity.

Our AO Q-Switches offer low insertion loss and are capable of handling very high peak power, as their design considers the cavity length, repetition rate, wavelength, beam diameter, polarization state, and output power of a laser to achieve the best acousto-optic Q-switch solution.

Whether you are designing a laser for materials processing applications such as engraving, cutting, or drilling, or creating a full system for medical surgery, lithography, or rapid prototyping, we can find the Q-switch and RF driver to balance your performance, cost, and reliability needs.

Browse the range of Q-switches here or contact us for a solution dedicated to your OEM application.

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