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A digital frequency synthesizer OEM module, with an operating frequency of 20–200 MHz, an 2 W output into a 50-ohm load.

Full Product Description
Typical: 20 – 200 MHz
Power out:
Typical: 2 W
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Product description

Designed to drive acousto-optic deflectors, modulators, and tunable filters.

When specified as R64020-200-2ADMDFS-A, the unit delivered will be manufactured to be compliant with EU Directive 2002/95/EC for Reduction of Hazardous Substance.

Key features

  • Fault protection on low power, high power, and high VSWR.


BandwidthTypical: 20 – 200 MHz
Clock frequency1000 MHz
Step size< 1 Hz with 30 Bits input
Frequency settling timeMax: 250 ns
Power outTypical: 2 W
Harmonic distortion2ⁿᵈ: Max: -20 dBc , 3ʳᵈ: Max: -15 dBc
Analogue modulation0 to +1 volt Analog into 50 Ω, +1volt = Full RF power output
Digital modulationSee table
Rise/fall time20 ns
Extinction ratioDigital: Min: 30 dB , Analog: Min: 40 dB
Applied power+ 28 V DC @ 1 amp Maximum, + 3.3 V DC @ 1 amp Maximum
Ambient temperatureMax: 40° C
RF outputMax: No DC feedback
Supply voltageMax: 30 V DC, Max: 3.5 V DC

Digital Modulation

TTL levels
TTL Active HighFull RF output power
TTL Active LowMinimum RF output power
No SignalFull RF output power (pulled high internally)

Input / Output Connections

+28v, +3.3V, and GndFiltered Feedthru
Mod InSMC Male
Reference OutSMC Male
RF OutputSMA Female
"FREQUENCY SELECT" ControlTTL 30 bit binary word, Digital Modulation Input, Reset, and a Latch control input through the 37 pin D sub connector.

See datasheet in downloads for pinout.