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With an operating frequency of 20–160 MHz, an 0.44 W output into a 50-ohm load, and analog and digital modulation.

Full Product Description
Operating frequency:
20–160 MHz
RF output power:
Nominal: 0.4 W ⁴
Output impedance:
50 Ω
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Product description

This RF driver is designed to drive acousto-optic deflectors and tunable filters.

Key features

  • Fault protection on low power, high power, and high VSWR.
  • Programmable frequency; 8 channel DDS


Operating frequency20–160 MHz
Frequency resolution0.1 Hz ¹
Frequency stability±2 ppm/° C
Frequency preload time<10 µs ²
Frequency toggle time<20 ns ³
RF output powerNominal: 0.4 W ⁴
RF output gain adjust30 dB ⁵
Modulation bandwidth>2 MHz ⁶
Dynamic range>40 dBc ⁷
Intermodulation>40 dB ⁸
Spurious>30 dBc
Signal to noise ratio>90 dB ⁹
Output impedance50 Ω
Amplitude modulation input level0-10 V
FSK modulation input level3.3 Volts
Blanking input level3.3 V
Digital controlsASC II
Sensor input±3.3 V
Power input12@1A V from DC supply

¹ Actually 0.0931 Hz, closest approximation to set frequency will be chosen.
² Typically 1-10 µs, each frequency requires 32 bits, plus a starting RAM address.
³ 3 independently pre loaded preset frequencies
⁴ At maximum output gain adjustment.
⁵ Linear in dB at constant signal to noise ratio.
⁶ Measured at -3 dB point, DC coupled.
⁷ 20-160 MHz, from 1 dB compression point to minimum achievable output.
⁸ 2 tone test, 100 MHz + 105 MHz, each of 125 mW output
⁹ 1 MHz measurement bandwidth , 125 mW reference tone.