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With an operating frequency of 24–260 MHz, a 20 W output into a 50-ohm load, and analog and digital modulation.

Full Product Description
Output frequency:
24 MHz to 260 MHz. + 0.01% quartz stabilized
RF output power:
Nom: 2 to 20 W, max output power set by internal pot.
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Product description

An RF driver with analog and digital modulation input and up to 20 watts output into a 50-ohm load, operating at frequencies from 24 – 260 MHz.

This driver is designed to drive acousto-optic modulators.

Key features

  • Fault protection on low power, high power, and high VSWR.
  • Fixed single frequency


Output frequency24 MHz to 260 MHz. + 0.01% quartz stabilized
Spurious levelsMax: -40 dBc
Harmonic distortionMax: -15 dBc
Analog Input0-1 V into 50 Ω, 1 V = full RF power, 0 = RF power off
Digital inputTTL levels (pulled high internally via 4.7k Ω), TTL high = full RF power, TTL low = minimum RF power
Extinction ratioMin: 40 dB
Rise/fall timeMax: 30 ns, Typical: 20 ns, 10 ns > 210 MHz (P RF : 10 to 90%)
RF output powerNom: 2 to 20 W, max output power set by internal pot.
Output impedanceNom: 50 Ω
Supply voltage+ 24 V DC + 0.5 V
Supply currentMax: 3 A
Air flow across heat sink18 CFM @ 25° C

Maximum ratings
Supply voltage+28 V DC
Power outputNo DC feedback allowed
Case temperature+ 55 0 C

Connectors and mechanical
RF output connectorSMA female
Modulation input connectorFeed through pin
Power supply connectionsVccFeed through pin
ReturnFeed through pin
Physical Body Size5.43" L x 2.42" H x 3.90" W

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