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AOTF 2986-01

For use in the 640–1100 nm wavelength range with an active aperture of 2.5 mm and a bandwidth of 5 nm.

Full Product Description
640-1100 nm
Active aperture:
2.5 mm
5.0 nm
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Product description

An acousto-optic tunable filter for use in the 640–1100 nm wavelength range. This tunable filter is made from Tellurium Dioxide (TeO2), has an active aperture of 2.5 mm and a bandwidth of 5 nm.

Patented side lobe suppression technology provides excellent out-of-band suppression. Combining optimum grade Tellurium Dioxide, high-quality optical finishing, high-grade anti-reflection coatings, with novel acoustic management and optomechanical design techniques, our tunable filters achieve exceptional thermal management while maintaining superior beam quality and high optical throughput.

Key features

  • Excellent out-of-band suppression
  • High Damage Threshold
  • Improved thermal management
  • Superior beam quality


Wavelength640-1100 nm
Active aperture2.5 mm
Bandwidth5.0 nm

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