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Lithium Niobate Q-switches

We grow and polish our high-quality lithium niobate crystals in-house, and our Lithium niobate Q-switches provide a high extinction ratio, high transmission, low switching voltage, and temperature stability over a wide temperature range.

Lithium niobate Q-switches are used in both military and commercial applications, including target designating, range finding, and ophthalmic surgery. Our crystals offer low loss, high contrast ratio, and low wavefront distortion, and are qualified for use at 300 MW/cm2.

High-performance AR coatings are applied to each face (>99.8% transmission per face), which reduces unwanted reflections and maximizes transmission power. The light-induced damage threshold (LIDT) of the coatings is by standard greater than 300 MW/cm² and can be up to 500 MW/cm² upon request.

Our Lithium Niobate Q-switches ensure temperature stability

Lithium niobate traditionally suffers from pyro-electric charge buildup when operated in cold environments. We have solved this problem with a proprietary technique designed to increase the conductivity of our lithium niobate crystal faces, which dissipates charge and eliminates pyro-electric charge buildup. Our LN Q-switches can operate over a wide range of temperatures while maintaining an excellent contrast ratio.

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