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Fiber-Optic Couplers (PM and SM) product image

PM WDM, 2000nm (2µm)

For combining or separating in the wavelength range of 1900–2200 nm, while maintaining polarization.

Full Product Description
1900–2100 nm
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Product description

Providing low loss over a wide range of temperatures and with low polarization dependence.

All ports consist of polarization-maintaining fiber and are launched on the slow axis, with fast axis versions available upon request. These high-performance WDMs are available in many wavelength configurations, housing, fiber, and connector options and can therefore be readily specified in a wide variety of applications, enabling rapid design cycles and new project builds.

Key features

  • High Polarization Extinction Ratio
  • Low loss
  • High power handling
  • High reliability


Wavelength1900–2100 nm

Wavelength1900-2100 nm1900-2100 nm
Insertion loss1.0 (0.5) dB1.0 (0.5) dB
PER>15 dB >15 dB
Available housing3, 7,C3, 7,C

Housing CodeDescriptionDimensionsPigtail
3Regular3.0 mm (∅) x 85 mm (L max)Primary-coated fiber
7High power5 mm (W) x 5 mm (H) x 85 mm (L max)Primary-coated fiber
CRegular high power3.0 mm (Ø) x 85 mm (L max)Primary-coated fiber

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