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Ruggedized Couplers (HI REL range)

Our line of HI REL fused fiber optic components is deployed in environments such as undersea and space where the costs of component replacement are prohibitive and reliability is of premier concern.

Established supplier of fused fiber optic components

We are an established preferred supplier of these fused fiber optic components to most major undersea telecommunications equipment manufacturers. Our HI REL capability is built upon the foundation of an extended history of also manufacturing very reliable components for land-based systems in volume.

Advanced fiber management, in-process screening, and customer-specific validation tests are implemented to enhance component reliability. The ultra-low loss of our fused fiber components helps to promote low noise and improved system margin in undersea transmission systems.

Reliability testing

We have established full reliability testing facilities to carry out customer-specific HI REL qualification programs, which can include accelerated aging and Weibull analysis.

Failure rates for undersea telecommunication systems and components are often described using a FIT rate (Failures in Time). The fused fiber couplers from our HI REL coupler range offer a very low 0.1 FIT rate, equivalent to one failure in roughly fifty thousand components in 25 years.

HI REL Space

In space applications, photonics is expected to displace current RF/microwave satellite technology for the transport of data between satellites, and between satellites and the Earth.

In addition to offering higher data-carrying capacity than the present radio wave systems, the reduced size and weight of optical systems will enable smaller, lighter next-generation satellites. Our HI REL space range of high reliability fused fiber optic components builds on the quality and reliability for which our subsea couplers are known, adding features such as material lot unicity, qualification in high radiation environments, and lot validation testing.

Services for HI REL customers include custom qualification programs, dedicated workstations, full traceability of materials and processing, advanced fiber management, and customer-specific validation tests.

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