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SM Couplers

A comprehensive line of single-mode fused fiber couplers (SM couplers) for visible and NIR wavelengths. Our fused fiber components possess low insertion loss and high extinction ratio and are manufactured to exacting standards for quality and reliability.

Our single-mode couplers are used to achieve accurate monitoring and splitting of optical signals from 1% to 50%. Based on our fused fiber technology, the SM coupler line demonstrates very low loss and high power handling.

No light leaves the fiber, which allows for an alignment-less system with no unwanted reflections. Output fiber pigtails may be directly integrated into beam delivery systems.

Please contact us for a quote on any of our SM Couplers. Did you know we also make bespoke photonics and optical components? Our products are used in some of the most advanced engineering in the world, from outer space to the depths of the ocean.

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