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G&H StingRay MWIR 3–5 μm lens

Ruby MWIR lens assemblies

The Ruby Series™ is our line of lenses with an emphasis on performance and price, with achromatic operation over the range of 3–5 μm.

Full Product Description
3–5 μm
Focal length:
13 mm, 25 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm, 50–250 mm
Image Diameter:
21 mm
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Product description

This series is ideal for f/2.3, f/2.5, or f/4.0 cameras. All focal lengths include manual focus with lock and the IR industry's standard bayonet mount.

Achromatically correct over a range of 3–5 μm, Ruby lens systems offer a 1" cold shield height, an f/2.3 collecting aperture, and are suitable for use with up to 21 mm diagonal image formats.

Key features

  • Manual focus lock
  • Achromatic for wavelengths from 3–5 µm


Wavelength3–5 μm
Focal length13 mm, 25 mm, 100 mm, 200 mm, 50–250 mm
Image Diameter21 mm