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G&H is a high-quality manufacturer of prisms. Although they appear to have a simple function, their manufacture is actually quite complex. Each surface of a G&H prism that is polished and coated is held to extremely precise angular tolerances with respect to the other surfaces.

Prisms are critical components in optical systems that utilize their bending or refracting properties to bend, fold, invert, reinvert, displace, and deviate light. While not used as frequently as lenses and mirrors, their role is essential. The manufacturing of prisms is challenging, as every surface and its angular tolerances to the whole are difficult to maintain during polishing and coating. This process requires complex tooling that is as difficult to manufacture and maintain as the prism itself.

To ensure reliable performance in the field, we employ advanced metrology capabilities to qualify every component at each stage of the manufacturing process. G&H has ISO9001 certifications across all manufacturing sites and AS9100C certifications across select facilities. Durability testing can be performed against MIL, DIN, or BSI standards as appropriate.

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