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Rapid prototyping of optical components

Injection molded prototypes are produced using the same material, technique, and process that will be used in production. This makes them ideal for testing purposes, as it reduces the risk of variables. G&H has developed several mold bases that allow our staff to quickly and precisely make inserts that meet the specifications of the customer's optics. Depending on the size and complexity of the optic, we can produce small volume, injection molded prototypes in as little as three weeks.

Diamond turning is used to create prototypes when injection molding is not feasible. Diamond turning is a manufacturing process used to cut the optical inserts for the mold cavity that will form the optical surface during injection molding. Diamond turned optics are very specular and require no post-machine polishing. They can be readily coated with a multi-layer thin film coating or metalized with Aluminum, Gold, or Silver for use as a first surface mirror. G&H coats all of its lenses and mirrors at its in-house thin film coating facility.

While diamond turned prototypes are not produced in the identical manner intended for production (injection molding) and cannot incorporate mounting features, diamond turning can be used to rapidly produce low to moderate volumes of highly accurate plastic optics, making it a valuable prototyping tool. G&H engineers can assist you in selecting the correct material for your diamond turned prototype.

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