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Spectre Camera Modules For Periscopes

Spectre Camera ModuleSpectre Camera Module©️ G&H

Our Spectre camera modules are dual-channel thermal and color cameras embedded inside a ruggedized and hermetically sealed case. They are predominately designed to work alongside our Embedded Image Periscopes (EIPs) to provide video images to the inbuilt displays and can be controlled with the use of a separate control box.

The Spectre camera module consists of a thermal imaging camera with a high sensitivity CCD. The module can be supplied with its own bracket or it can be mounted directly to a user interface via various mounting locations. The control box allows the user to select various video options depending upon the type of EIP chosen. Thermal camera functions include white-hot and black hot, automatic gain, and brightness.

A variety of options for ruggedization exist including a diamond-like carbon (DLC) coated window for the thermal channel and a protective sapphire window for the visible channel.

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