Fiber Optic Capabilities

Fiber Optic Capabilities

G&H offers a range of space and Telcordia-qualified high performance active and passive fiber optic components and optical modules for use in all-fiber systems.

Our fiber optic products group is comprised of two manufacturing and engineering centers known for creating high reliability products deployed in demanding industrial, sensing and telecommunications applications.

Our history of expertise

Since 1985, the passive fiber optic group has developed expertise in fused fiber coupler manufacturing techniques, integration of fiber optic assemblies, and custom packaging of semiconductor devices.

The active fiber optic group has been offering pump lasers, DFB and DBR lasers, DFB laser modules, laser controllers, high speed detectors, and high reliability booster erbium-doped fiber amplifiers since 2000.

G&H products are used in deep space deployments and demanding environmental conditions where high reliability cannot be compromised.

We offer products and services from proof of concept through full scale volume production.

We are developing and qualifying fiber optic and semiconductor laser technology originally developed for telecom for defense and space applications where the benefits of reliability, light weight, small size, and lower cost of ownership are compelling.

We support customers in systems development, components selection, manufacturing, and testing.  Our engineering expertise includes passive and active fiber optics design, optoelectronics design, thermo-optic mechanical design, electrical design, RF design, material systems, hardware selection, process development, advanced micro-optic assembly, integration, and testing.

Hermetic sealing and packaging

Our Photonics Packaging line builds optoelectronic chips into fiber-coupled, hermetically sealed packages. We have all the techniques required for the packaging of advanced optoelectronic and acousto-optic devices, including precise fiber alignment and fixturing technology that allows us to efficiently couple light to and from optical fibers.

Sub-micron alignment

Sub-micron alignment is maintained throughout product lifetime using processes that include laser welding. This precision combined with the ability to hermetically seal devices in a dry, inert atmosphere leads to reliable and robust packaged devices.

Photonic crystal fiber (PCF)

Drawing on our expertise in fiber fusion, we have developed proficiency in the processing of Photonic Crystal Fiber (PCF), enabling the incorporation of these advanced materials into fiber lasers and supercontinuum sources. The standard fiber techniques of cleaving, splicing and mode adaption are more complex tasks when using PCF. Along with these basic processes, we are able to end cap, AR coat and mode strip photonic crystal fiber for high power beam delivery.

Space qualified and proven

Many of our photonic solutions are qualified for space or are currently deployed. Our commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) lasers and detectors are hermetically sealed. We understand how to develop, design, and manufacture for extremes of temperatures, radiation, shock, and vibration. We perform extensive qualification testing during engineering builds and flight hardware qualification.

We have a track record in the design and development of high-reliability photonic components that are based on our enabling technologies. Our fiber optic, precision optic and acousto-optic components have flown on board various ESA, NASA, and JAXA missions including SMOS, ExoMars, Hayabusa 2, Lisa Pathfinder, IRIS and Mars Curiosity.

Telcordia and MIL-STD

Our photonic component solutions are qualified for telecommunication requirements via Telcordia and MIL-STD standards. Active components are hermetically sealed using best industry practices, and many are RoHS compliant. As one of the first providers of fused fiber couplers, we have developed proprietary manufacturing equipment and processes, honed to deliver leading edge performance and reliability.

ITAR compliant

We have extensive capabilities and experience supporting and managing the unique needs of government sponsored development programs. US customers can work with and source directly from a US-based supplier who can leverage capabilities and products across all worldwide divisions of G&H.

From prototypes to full-scale production

At G&H, we have the ability to produce single prototypes and the manufacturing capacity to make fiber optic components, assemblies and modules by the thousands. We can support your needs from commercial off-the-shelf products to customized complex solutions to meet your most demanding fiber optic requirements.